All NPC Locations for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Thankfully, the NPCs don't have multiple spawns this season. Hopefully it stays that way!

With the massive change to Fortnite Season 6: Primal comes a whole new set of locations for all the NPCs. Those completionists among us are, of course, jumping at this opportunity to fill out our collection. We managed to get our hands on this Season's full NPC character locations already and have listed them all below!

All NPC Locations for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

The downside is that you'll have to explore the entire map to complete your collection. However, it's not nearly as bad as Season 5, when many the NPCs had several spawn locations! We'll count this as a win.

NPC #17 has finally been added to the map!

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All Fortnite C2S6 NPCs Updated 5.11.

Now that you've got the map, we can go into further detail.

  1. Bandolette: Bandolette is located in Flushed Factory, which is near the southwestern corner of the island.
  2. Gutbomb: You'll find Gutbomb in Durr Burger, Northwest of Slurpy Swamp.
  3. Big Chuggus: Big Chuggus is in Shanty Town, which is one of his locations from last Season.
  4. Blaze: Blaze is at Timber Tent, which is the structure of large logs directly south of Sweaty Sands.
  5. Tess: Tess has replaced Reese's location at Dirty Docks. You'll find her on the eastern side of the island.
  6. Bunker Jonesy: Bunker Jonesy is still in the same area! You'll find him wandering around the house barely Northwest of Shipwreck Cove (the island's southeastern corner).
  7. Burnout: Burnout is ready to race on the road going South out of Steamy Stacks (North of the bridge).
  8. Bushranger: You'll find Bushranger wandering around directly West of Pleasant Park's southwestern corner.
  9. Cole: Cole is located directly east of Steamy Stacks, near the patch of water that stretches into the island.
  10. Deadfire: Deadfire is located Northwest of Lazy Lake, directly south of the waterfall.
  11. Dummy: Dummy is putzing about in his Season 5 location West of the northwestern corner of Dirty Docks.
  12. Farmer Steel: Farmer Steel is tending to his farm directly Southwest of The Orchard.
  13. Kyle: Kyle is wandering around all the chopped trees directly Southeast of Weeping Woods.
  14. Snow Sniper: You'll find Snow Sniper directly East of Retail Row in the mountainous area.
  15. Ragnarok: Ragnarok is not far off from his old location. You'll find him on the beach West of Holly Hedges.
  16. Remedy: Remedy has decided to stay in Craggy Cliffs, which was one of her Season 5 locations. You'll find her on the southeastern corner.
  17. Sparkplug: Sparkplug is at the body shop next to the gas station on the southern half of Catty Corner.
  18. Splode: Splode is still at the Unremarkable Shack on the map's northern edge, near the center.
  19. The Reaper: The Reaper is still in his mansion on the far western edge of the map, near the middle.
  20. Crustina: Crustina is just South of The Orchard, where Tomatohead was in Season 5.
  21. Triggerfish: Triggerfish is still in his Season 5 location. He's walking around the bay North of The Reaper's mansion, and West of Sweaty Sands.
  22. Turk: Turk is fishing in a new location: at the Green Steel Bridge about halfway between The Spire and Dirty Docks.
  23. Cluck: Cluck is near the eastern edge of Weeping Woods and on the small mountain directly South of The Spire.
  24. Rebirth Raven: Rebirth Raven can be found in the northwestern corner of the land, just Northwest of Sweaty Sands.
  25. Tarana: Tarana is selling bones in Boney Burbs, directly West of the island's center.
  26. Raz: Raz is tending to the farmland at Colossal Crops, which is Northeast of the island's center.
  27. Lara Croft: Lara Croft is hunting for treasure in the ruins at Stealthy Stronghold.
  28. Shade: Shade is walking around near the trailer park at Sweaty Sands.
  29. Jules: Jules is on the southeastern corner of the map, likely fixing things at Camp Cod.
  30. Rex: Rex can be found directly East of the Spire.
  31. Cabbie: Cabbie can be found near the gas station at Lazy Lake.
  32. Wreck Raider: Wreck Raider is walking around Coral Castle near the area's largest temple.
  33. Suntan Specialist: Suntan specialist is tending to her small shack on the beaches of Sweaty Sands.
  34. Castaway Jonesy: You'll find Castaway Jonesy on the small island in the far northeastern corner of the map.
  35. Slurp Jonesy: Slurp Jonesy took over one of Big Chuggus's locations at the warehouse in Slurpy Swamp.
  36. Grill Sergeant: Grill Sergeant is where the Beef Boss was last Season at the Durr Burger Food Truck, East of Stealthy Stronghold.
  37. Jonesy the First: Jonesy the First is wandering around the house in the northwestern corner of Pleasant Park.
  38. Sash Sergeant: You'll find Sash Sergeant in Weeping Woods, near the largest building.
  39. Raptor: Raptor is on the large island on the eastern edge of Coral Cove.
  40. Blackheart: Blackheart took over Ragnarok's location in Season 5. You'll find him at the large Pirate Ship directly west of Holly Hedges.
  41. Jeckyll: Jeckyll is found on the southwestern section of Steamy Stacks, which is on the map's northeastern corner.
  42. Power Chord: Power Chord can be found directly Southwest of Misty Meadows. They're on the small mountain near the island's southern edge.
  43. Stage Slayer: Stage Slayer is on the large hill directly East of Craggy Cliffs. They're across the road from where Blaze was located last Season.
  44. Willow: Willow is found floating around Weeping Woods. She is a ghost, so she doesn't stick to one place. Still, you can usually spot her relatively easily since she appears with a bright blue glow.
  45. Cobb: Cobb can be found directly north of The Spire. He is wandering around Risky Reels. (Wouldn't he be intimidated because people eat popcorn at a movie theater?)
  46. Zenith: Zenith is at the base stationed below Mount Kay's peak, which is located on the southeastern corner of the map.
  47. Derby Dominator: Derby Dominator is on the small soccer field on the western edge of Holly Hedges.
  48. Galactico: Galactico is walking around the large soccer field on the southern half of Pleasant Park.
  49. Shot Stopper: Shot Stopper is on the small soccer field on the Southwest corner of Dirty Docks.
  50. Oriela: On Isle Ruins, a small new island south of Flush Factory.

That's it for the NPCs this Season! If the NPCs are given new possible spawn locations, we'll likely update the map before they're released. Check back another time in case there are changes!

Video Guide

If you want to follow the video guide instead of seeing their locations written out, you can watch the video below!

Be sure to check our full Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Guide for all the latest info on the new Season!

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  1. Thank you for the guide!😁

  2. New NPC “Orelia” on the island south of Flush Factory

  3. I think #48 and #49 are the wrong way around on the map.

    1. Oops! Nice catch! Thanks for letting us know!

  4. #17 is Sparkplug and she has been included in the new update. She can be found at the garage in Catty Corner.

    1. Yep, it’s been added to the map already 🙂

  5. NPC#17 being missing is apparently a bug, as stated on the fortnite trello website

  6. Jonesy also appears at House near Lokie’s Lighthouse, Small hut just east of Misty Meadows and maybe one or two more places. He only spawns at one (at random) each game.

  7. #6 Bunker Jones is wrong. Every time I go there he is never there.

    1. He has multiple spawn locations

    2. We believe the NPC’s aren’t there all the time. They can appear anytime Epic wants them to appear. So you could be unlucky or the information is wrong. We’ll definitely make sure the information is correct though 😀

  8. Bunker Jonesy never spawns for me. That’s the last NPC I need for my collection since sparkplug isn’t in the game (yet).

  9. #23 was wrong on the map, video area showed it further southeast.

    1. Hello! Yeah, you’re right, I misplaced his location by a couple hundred meters on the map. Thanks for catching that! I’ve updated the map to reflect the correct information.